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I'm here with a other review for you all, this review is on my Simple products that I have, I have 2 different Simple products I do have more but theses are my top 2, so here you go....

Simple Hydrating Light moisturiser

 Simple Hydrating Light Moisturiser- I got given this as gift, and ever since I used it for the first time I fallen in love with it, you don't need to use a lot of it, a small amount goes a long way, it feels so light on the skin, a lot of creams make my skin go red and sore, but this cream is amazing I use it night and day, and always feel refreshed, if you are looking for a light moisturiser then make sure you try this next time you go shopping. I'm not sure where you can it, but I think boots if you live in England not sure where in other places and i'm not sure of the price as it was a gift but if you know comment and let me know.

Simple Nourishing Eye Make-up Remover
Simple Nourishing Eye Make-up Remover- This eye make-up remover is amazing it removes waterproof and normal mascara and any make-up, I have tried many different removers but I have never found one this good, because it is a cream it removes the makeup and leaves the eye area nice a smooth, this a great thing to have, I got mine in the sale for £2 so i just had to get it, I'm not sure the real price, I will have to look up the price for you all, again I got mine from boots and go and pick up a bottle.

Abbie x

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