Saturday, 20 October 2012



So a few weeks ago I ordered some things from Avon, and I got them last week some time but I wanted to try the products out first before I did a review so here is what I got (by the way the pictures I got off online because they are clear and easy to see, but they are the same things I got)

Avon Super DRAMA mascara.

Avon super DRAMA mascara head.

Avon lipstick, frozen rose
Avon glimmerstick chromes, ultra violet


Avon super Drama mascara- I have fallen in love this this mascara, its easy to apply, and makes your eyelashes look full of live and you dont have to put alot it see the effects of full long lashes. This is a great buy and something I will buy again.
                       RRP: £10.00

Avon Lipstick (frozen rose)- I really like this colour, I have only worn it a few times but its a really light pink which I like and i think it just adds that something to your look, it is a bit more of a summer colour, but I guess you can wear it when you like, im going to wear it anytime, because it is amazing finishing to my makeup.
                       RRP: £7.00

Avon glimmerstick chromes (ultra violet)- Again I really like this too, which it good, this is the first time I have brought a colored eyeliner I normally just buy black or brown, but when I saw this I just had to buy it, its got such a nice colour and affect to it, and makes the eyes stand out and look really nice, and you can wear many different colour eyeshadow with it, and it can be a day or night look.
                       RRP: £6.00

All the things I got I really love, if you havent brought anything from Avon have a look online or get a book, I order mine from the book. But everything I have got from Avon (which is a lot, I get most of my makeup fom Avon) im always happy with, so I hope you like my review and hope you try out some of the things.

Abbie x

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