Friday, 30 November 2012

Glitter Nails!!


So its my friend Alexs birthday party/sleepover tomorrow and the theme is glitter, so I thought I would do my nails glittery and I thought they came out well so u wanted to show you...

They are really easy to do,

Step 1: paint your nails the colour you like, I did my blue!!

Step 2: you have to do this when your nails are still wet, you need to apply the glitter to all or some of your nails (I used art glitter but any will do the job)!!
Step 3: put at clear cover over the nails to make sure the glitter stays on (I used a glittery clear polish)!!

Step 4: wait to dry and then you can add another clear coat if you would like to!!

Hope you try it out!!
Send me some picture if you have tried I would love to see!!


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