Sunday, 16 December 2012

14/12/12 I MET UNION J!!


I MET UNION J ON 14/12/12 and I GOT A HUG AND KISS FROM GEORGE SHELLEY OMG!!! If you know me then you know how much I LOVE UNION J, I went with my friend Rachel we watched them sing and afterwards you got to meet them and have your picture with them, I had a hug and Kiss off George (I love George) and Rachel hugged Josh!! (Who she loves) they are so nice and handsome and do good looking in person not that they aren't on tv ;) omg it still feels like a dream!! Here are some pictures!! The Picture of us and them hasnt been but on the Website Yet but when i have it ill add it :) xx

George Did a Heart at me and Josh & Jaymi Waved at us and JJ pointed at us and Waved :D
It was an amazing Night Thank you for coming to Hereford :) xx


GEORGE!! in the Line for met and Picture!!

George and Jaymi :D (Before hug)

Them singing again :)

George and Josh Singing :)

Them Singing Again :)

JJ, Rachel, Josh, Me, George, Jaymi
JJ and Josh :) before the meet :)

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