Saturday, 3 November 2012

Who am I?? ....


So I was just looking though my blog and thought, that the blog doesn't really tell you much about me, you just don't know me so I thought I would just tell you about me....

Name: Abbie Haworth

Age: 14

Country: England

My likes: Blogging, Beauty, Hair, SINGING, DANCING, Drama, Art, Music, sport, CHRISTMAS

Dislikes: Spiders, Homework

Pets: Dog (Archie), Cat (Razzle)

Year at School: Year 10 (One year left)

Favorite Season: Winter (you can wear jumpers) But I love Summer too (Its when my birthday is August!!)

Favorite YouTubers: FleurdeForce, JoeyGraceffa, Jimchapman, missglamorazzi, lukeconard, Tanya Burr.

Favorite boy groups: One Direction, LAWSON, Union J.

Favorite Singers: Olly Murs, Dappy, Taylor Swift.

Favorite Olympic Stars: TOM DALEY <3 & Chris Mears & Jack , Louis Smith.

Abbie x

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