Friday, 2 November 2012

Prom Night...


So this is going to be a review on the film prom night, when I first looked at what the film was about I thought it was going to be died scary (I'm really bad with scary films) but then it also looked really good, so I sat down with pillow at the ready and started watching it, and I think there was only a few parts of the film where I needed it, but over all it was a really good film, not that scary, but I did cry at the end, it was a sort of a happy, sad ending.
The story line is so well written, and the film is very well put together, its a film I will definitely watch again, I wanted to do a review because if you haven't watched it, I think you should go and rent it, or watch it online or something but do go and watch it.

If you have watched it let me know what you thought about it.. 

When you have watched it if you want it. Comment and also let me know what you thought.
If you have any film ideas that I would like then also comment that would be great.

It's really not as scary as it looks at all. 

Abbie x

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